A downloadable instructions page which includes sheet music.


Instructional Videos

The ”Regular version" is the standard instructional video. It includes very detailed instructions for how to record your virtual choir submission.

The “Pro Version" is a much shorter version of the instructional video. It covers the most important instructions but does not include how to operate a web camera/formatting information.

The "Practice Version” is simply a very short practice video that also features a demo of a submission video of your specified choir part. We don’t recommend you use this to record your submission to us. However, if you do, make sure the “beep” from the beginning of the video is audible in your final submission. We need to hear this “beep” in your recording in order to sync up your submission with everyone else's.

Once you have read the instruction manual, recorded your version of the song and uploaded it to vimeo/youtube please see our google form to submit your song.

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