Natural Resources of Senegal

Growth of Senegal's Fishing Industry

Senegal's fishing sector showed a sharp decline in 1981 compared with catch figures for 1980. There has also been a sharp decline in Senegalese industrial fishing in 1981, which decreased from 161,625 t in 1980 to 80,789 t in 1981, a loss of almost 50 percent. Of the above catch figure of 80,789 t in 1981, 18,425 were caught by sardine vessels, 42,895 by trawlers, and 19,469 t by tuna vessels, aU valued at CFA17 .06 billion. The tuna catch for 1981 totaled 10,648 t for a total value of CFA3 .07 billion compared to 8,346 t in 1980 valued at CFA2.03 billion.